Social media usage in Ireland.

The Irish times newspaper published an article on a new survey done by Eurostat it showed that 90% of Irish people aged between 16-24 are still using apps like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. The use of these social media platforms has risen a good bit since 2011 when it was just 38%

Why people use social media.

Social media has changed hugely in the last number of years with it is becoming almost part of our daily life and routine. According to Octave Digital Facebook is still the most popular social media app among Irish adults as 75% would log on very regularly. The survey shows the with Facebook coming out on top as the most popular app its Instagram that comes in second place with an average of 39% of people logging on regularly. Snapchat has risen dramatically in the last two years with 28% of over 16’s using the app this shows how Millenials and people in my generation rely heavily on social media apps such as this one. It’s clear that in todays society, Irish people rely on social media to get recent news, articles on current affairs.

In a recent article I read their research has shown that 88% of marketers are using social media to communicate with their online audience and to be able to engage more with their customers and companies are spending $60 billion a year on just on advertising on their social media platforms, (Whiting and Williams, 2013). Social media has so much power when it comes to advertising and it can reach such a large audience in a short space of time and allows for 2 way communication between the customer and the business, unlike traditional advertising where it was very much one way communication. The definition of social media, according to this article is ” A group of internet based applications that are built on ideological and technical foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content. There are 10 uses and gratifications of social media listed below.

According to another article i read by Dijkmans, Corné; Kerkhof, Peter; Beukeboom, Camiel J (30 september 2014 P58) “Social media have changed the way people interact with each other and with companies. The rise of Web 2.0 has enabled consumers to actively act and react on what companies are doing, without being dependent on third parties for media-access – anyone with a smartphone can potentially reach a worldwide audience. Moreover, consumers have shifted their information seeking behavior with regard to products and services from offline sources to electronic word-of-mouth sources like social networking and review sites”

  • Social interaction.
  • Information seeking
  • Pass time
  • Entertainment.
  • Relaxation
  • Expression of opinions
  • Communicatory utility.
  • Convenience utility
  • Information sharing
  • Surveillance/knowledge

Tribal behaviors

According to an article i read by Xema Pathak, Manisha Pathak-Shelat (13 March 2017) “The principle of tribal marketing is that customers, apart from seeking the products or services which empower them or make them independent, also look for the products or services which will link them to other consumers, i.e. a tribe”


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