YouTube Bumper Ads Explained

What is a bumper ad?

A bumper advertisement is a 6 second ad that you can’t skip and will play just before your video on YouTube starts to play. Companies need to be able to tell their story within a very short space of time and for this to happen and for viewers remember it, they must have a snappy story line that will catch their attention from the get go. It can be the most effective for viewers with a short attention span who will not want to watch a long video. Bumper ads help tell a story in the simplest way possible and its sometimes the smaller the story the bigger the impact and it can also be a great way for brands to reach a wider audience and can help extend the life of an existing marketing campaign

When is a bumper ad used?

Bumper ads are used because it helps big companies meet goals such as getting a bigger brand awareness and it helps with brand recall as well. This can be a very cost effective way for companies to advertise and help them reach their target market. According to google who carried out research on this topic they tested over 300 bumper ads and they found out that 9 out of 10 bumper ads had a significant ad recall. They are used to deliver a quick and focused message at the most appropriate time. When a product shot is included in the 6 second ad people have had a higher recall of the brand and the ad. These types of ads can also be used as a teaser trailer for a product launch or a movie launch or at a big announcement. These types of ads often create a bit of buzz and hype surrounding the product or movie launch an example of this can be seen below

Bumper advertisements that really catch the viewers attention

In this section I will be talking about bumper ads that I feel really stood out and grabbed the viewers attention. The fact that bumper ads are only 6 seconds long they have to grab it straight away, I’m going to give 3 examples of bumper ads I think were most effective and then i’ll explain why I think so.

Example 1.

airbnb bumper ad

This a a bumper ad from and the only thing they say is “we went on vacation with a toe dipper and left with a cannon baller” this says it all and that ad shows the children jumping into the pool on a family holiday. This is an innovative ways of saying by booking with AirB&B the for your holiday you will make unforgettable family memories. The ad is very bright, so it catches your attention from the get go. At the very end it comes up on the screen saying “book your family home now”

Example 2.

Bacadri bumper ad

In my opinion, I think this bumper ad is very effective because it shows that their product is more superior to other brands on the market the way that have captured the sound of the clinking of the ice hitting the glass and the gushing of the drink flowing into the glass they also show a lime dropping into the glass this is their way to say that this drink mixes well with lime.

Example 3.

In my opinion, I think this bumper ad is very effective as it only has a total of 6 words in the whole ads and it is just action shots and clips from the new movie these brief snippets of different parts of the movie are the perfect way to tease fans of the Jason Bourne movie franchise, you only see a few seconds of the movie but the seconds you do see are very high impact and high intensity and the only words they use in the advertisement are “You Know” “His Name” this would be very catching for even fans who wouldn’t be familiar with the franchise because they want to find out his name which they say at the end along with when it coming out in cinemas so for people who haven’t watched his movies before and like action films after watching this ads they would be more inclined to go see it when the movie comes out.


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