Remote Internships in Social media marketing

What is social media marketing ?

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Social media marketing is the use of all social networks platforms to promote a companies product or service, build their audience and help increase website traffic. This is how social media marketing started out as a way to drive traffic to companies websites but now it has become a place where companies can broadcast their message and engage with their audience while still driving traffic to their website. This can be done by creating good quality content that your followers will love and engage with. Content should generally differ from platform to platform so that your followers aren’t seeing their same content and getting bored or turned off the brand.

The biggest social media platforms at the moment would be:

Businesses should have an online presence on at least 3 of these platforms to be able build their online network and to build engagement. business should keep up to date with the current social media platform’s to keep their online presence strong and should know what the current trends are.

The use of social media marketing tools such as Canva , Hootsuite , Abobe spark and Creator studio and MailChimp make it easier for business to be more active online by being able to schedule posts in advance for example Canva is a graphic design website that allows you to create images, posters , brochures , manuals, PowerPoints and Reports for Social media platforms With the presence of social media you can become part of the conversation and voice your opinions on things topics that matter to you!

Why a remote in Social Media Marketing?

A remote internship in social media marketing would involve tasks like creating social media posts, using scheduling software’s such as creator studio or Hootsuite, to schedule future social media post , use WordPress and to write blogs posts, work with marketing team to come up with new campaign ideas, contact and engage with influencers who fit in with the brand, engage with followers on all platforms by commenting, following and liking posts from followers, create a calendar on outlook , google calendar, companies calendar where all all social media posts for that month have already been scheduled. Undertake a competitor analysis on companies social media presences and suggest any improvements that could be made, look at all social media insights and see is the traffic being directed to the website.

Completing an internship in the Marketing industry can help you in so many ways as it can show you what its like to work in the business environment, lets you see if you would like to work in this industry in the future and also gives you a chance to use all the theory you have learned in college and apply the knowledge to the tasks you complete in the business.

By doing a remote internship you will be able to improve on skills such as time management , how to priorities what needs to be done first, you will use your initiative and will become time disciplined and focused. By completing a remote internship you will acquire valuable skills that will help you further your career in the future.

A remote internship can help people who want to do their internship aboard but may not have the financial means to travel or a visa might restrict them from doing an internship in certain countries. They will also not need to pay for flights or accommodation all they will need to complete their internship would be a laptop/computer , good WIFI connection, headphones and a quite room to work. Some university courses require students to partake in an internship to move onto the next part of their degree and in this current climate that we are in remote working has come the new way people work , so remote internships offer people the chance to complete their internships safely for the comfort of their house meaning they can progress in their course. Flexible working hours has become very popular with more and more people straying from the traditional 9-5 work hours with a remote internship you can choose what hours you work each day as long as you make up your 20-30 hours a week.

A remote internship can also help you improve your Computer literacy skills by using web meeting software like google meets, online calendars like google calendar and schedule all your meetings to keep track of your work day. If this appeals to you think a remote internship appeals to you and maybe you a studying marketing at the moment or have experience in the industry and want to gain more experience check out

Why social media marketing is so important for business

Business use social media in a variety of ways today like monitoring what’s said about their brand online , using the analytic tools to see how it is performing, how many people are they reaching on different platforms, are they engaging with the right target market and is traffic increasing towards the websites. Social Media would often be used during campaigns too as they can have paid advertisements on their social media to reach more of their target audience.

Social media marketing has become so big in the last 5 to 10 years that people learned they could make money from talking about a brands product on their Instagram , TikTok or Snapchat and companies could work with these people to reach a new audience. As these people generally had a big audience of people followers who they activity engaged with on all the major platforms. We now call these people influencers and they can have a big part in social media marketing as they tend to have an influence on what their followers purchase. It is important that when a business collaborates with a influencer that they fit in line with the business personality and have a audience that the business wants to target for instance if the business wanted to spread word about their English classes they wouldn’t work with a fashion influencer.

What are you waiting for…. start you internship today!

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