Instagram Influcencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing?

According to influencer marketing hub, influencer marketing is a “hybrid of old and new marketing tools,

The whole concept of Influencer marketing really is taking celebrity endorsements where the celebrity or the influencer will work with a brand to promote a product and the brand will pay normally a large sum of money to talk about their products on their social media platforms, for example Instagram, companies do this because it is a good way for them to get their brand name out to a specific target market if they want to target the teenage market interested in fashion and makeup they might connect with influencers like Just Jordan , Keilidh mua or Miriam Mullins. On the other hand if they wanted to target a male market interested in the gym they would connect with people like Rob Lipsett , Glenn Gillen or Christian Guzman. Its very important that a company picks the right influencer so they hit the right target market. When a company and an influencer work together to promote their brand or to talk about their products, it is then known as a collaboration and normally on when the influencer is making videos about the product they will use hashtags like #SP #COLLAB #AD so then their followers know they are being paid to show you this product.

An influencer is someone who already has a large following of people from a niche market and has influence over what their target audience purchase. Nowadays, consumers are trusting the recommendations of a product of their favorite influencer rather than an advertisement for the product because they feel the fact they watch engage and trust them that if they say it is a good product that they will purchase it as well.

According to an article I read by Carolina Stubb, Ann Greta Nyström, Jonas Colliander (7 May 2019 P110)  “Paid collaborations between brands and SMIs are commonly realized in the form of sponsored content. That is, the influencer creates and publishes a product recommendation post in social media,and in return,receives compensation from the sponsoring brand.”

According to another article I read by S. Venus Jin, Aziz Muqaddam, Ehri Ryu (22 December 2018 P567) “Fashion enthusiasts have gained popularity and achieved a huge success through Instagram, partly due to the aesthetic appeal of Instagram filters and the platform’s capability to reach wide audiences. The rise of fashion bloggers, referring to individuals who provide fashion tips and introduce certain products and brands via their social media accounts and blog posts, caught the interest of fashion brands”

How do influencers use Instagram

Instagram has a huge reach to wide audience on a massive platform, it is the second most popular platform just behind Facebook. According to convince and convertThe report found that 32 percent of internet users in the U.S. are on Instagram.”

Instagram have a very high engagement level according to Convince and convert “Instagram sees the most average interactions per post per 1,000 followers. The average engagement ratio is 29.67 on the platform, while Facebook sees around 16.54 average interactions per post per 1,000 followers.”. This is the best platform for bloggers and influencers as 59% of them said this would be their preferred platform to engage with their audience. the “instafamous” influnencers feel like they can engage with their followers on a better level through Instagram.

According to another article I read by S. Venus Jin, Aziz Muqaddam, Ehri Ryu (22 December 2019 P570) “Instagram influencers, therefore, can be more effective in resonating with audiences as they are perceived as more similar to regular audiences,have a higher likelihood of interacting with fans and are easier to associate or identify with than traditional celebrities. Consumers respond to peer Facebook users more positively than to traditional celebrities, especially when the peer users share demographic and attitudinal features “

Another article I read by Anastasia Konstantopoulou, Ioannis Rizomyliotis, Kleopatra Konstantoulaki, Raghad Badahdah ( 24 April 2019 p308) said ” when a beauty influencer on Instagram advertises a product to SMEs followers this leads to increased awareness and purchase intention. The findings indicated that the participants are quite sceptical when receiving reviews or promotion from beauty influencers on social media, as they rarely regard them as authentic. Moreover participants seem to trust influential beauty Instagrammers when they had a positive experience with the influencer before.”

My favourite influencer

My favorite influencer would be Irish beauty and makeup blogger Lisa Jordan or otherwise know as “JustJordan” she is from Cork and before she started blogging full time she was a professional makeup artist for the makeup company MAC cosmetics in Brown Thomas. Lisa is very active on her social media and she is very down to earth so it makes it easy to relate to her and this is why people will trust if she recommends a product they will assume it is good because sh wouldn’t talk about otherwise in my opinion I think her products are so popular among her followers because of her makeup artistry qualification

In 2017 she launched she own beauty and hair care line called Luna by Lisa she first released her leave in conditioner but since then she has completely expanded her brand into gift sets, eyelashes and makeup bags. You can buy her products online or in most Irish pharmacies.

One of the reasons I admire and think she become so successful in her career is because she is very honest, when she shared her story of getting her breast implants taken out this was a very private story for her and when she shared her story on her social media she got an outpouring response from people telling her that her post gave them the confidence to do the same and how she is sending out a very positive message that it was okay to love your body the way it is she did an interview with the Irish times and Lisa spoke out about how having the implants effected her mental and physical health and she said “The novelty wore off so quickly and by the time I was 24 I really hated them and I just didn’t want them anymore. I started to become self-conscious about them and I wanted to constantly cover them up. People looked at me differently and some people would even say ‘she’s fake’ and that was psychologically really stressful. It hurt my feelings and it made me feel cheap” .

I think Lisa has been so successful because of the values and the beliefs she stands for and she is a role model for young teens which would be her biggest target market. she wants younger girls to that not everything you see on Instagram is real. “Younger girls are seeing all of these fabulous looking girls on Instagram, or even looking at me and saying ‘her boobs are lovely I want to get them’. I wanted them to know I didn’t like them even though it may have looked like I did because I had them in for so long,” she explained. “


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